Evan Voytas's new singles "Disappear Into the Stars" and "Lite Conversation" mark a welcome return for the out-there pop maestro, intergalactic in their scope but intimate in delivery. Voytas has refined his style in the three years since 2012's Feel Me EP, spending time working as a session musician and songwriter for other acts, including Chris Brown's "Time For Love" off the Grammy nominated album X. Reverting to a spare, minimal pop format, Voytas writes instantly familiar tunes but frames them with a sonic landscape that simultaneously references ’70s pop and ’90s rap. 


Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, the now LA-based Voytas was raised on cassettes of AM Gold-era hits. Throughout his high school years he traveled to Philadelphia to study with Acid Jazz luminaries Steve Giordano and Pat Martino, and at 18 he moved to New York with a focus on classical theory and atonalism. And while his interest in jazz theory waned over time, he found inspiration in those select musicians who played as if they were accessing some further state of consciousness with an innate skill learned beyond just practicing their scales. With this, his creative attention shifted to channel something greater in his music — making for a unique blend of confection and the cosmos in his unique pop concoction.